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M O T I O N   D E S I G N

2022 Demo Reel

Individual Projects

3D Branding Showcase - This looping informational content was created with the intent to be shown at one of the largest retail conventions in the USA to attract potential clients using striking imagery and powerful messaging. This was created in Cinema 4D as well as After Effects.
Senior Capstone Project 2020 - Built entirely in Adobe After Effects, my senior capstone's focus was on music-reactive motion combined with real-world footage. With the backing of Kunzite's track "Honeycomb," I sought to make use of compositing skills along with knowledge of the principles of animation to visualize this exciting song.
Kinetic Typography Lyric Video - In this project, I explored kinetic typography as a medium to convey lyrics through clever animation. Produced in After Effects. 
Music: "You & I" by Colony House
Audio Reactive Animation - This project involved both animating abstract shapes to music as well as building a post-processing look reminiscent of CRT screens.
Music: "Loud Pipes" by Ratatat
Cinema 4D Final - This was the culmination of my first semester of learning Cinema 4D. It showcases a 3D phone UI build entirely within Cinema 4D.
Logo Animation - This clip shows a simple, yet effective logo animation using 2D shapes, patterns and quick motion to produce a visually interesting final product.
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